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Requirements Engineering and Management for Software Development Projects

Chemuturi, Murali.

Requirements Engineering and Management for Software Development Projects [electronic resource] / by Murali Chemuturi. - XXII, 266 p. online resource.

Introduction to Requirements Engineering and Management -- Understanding Requirements -- Elicitation and Gathering of Requirements -- Requirements Analysis -- Establishment of Requirements -- Quality Assurance in Requirements Management -- Planning for Requirements Management -- Requirements Change Management -- Requirements Tracing, Tracking and Reporting -- Measurement and Metrics -- Roles and Responsibilities in REM -- Requirements Management through SDLC -- Tools and Techniques for Requirements Engineering and Management -- Pitfalls and Best Practices in Requirements Engineering and Management -- REM in Agile Projects.

Requirements Engineering and Management for Software Development Projects presents a complete guide on requirements for software development including engineering, computer science and management activities. It is the first book to cover all aspects of requirements management in software development projects. This book introduces the understanding of the requirements, elicitation and gathering, requirements analysis, verification and validation of the requirements, establishment of requirements, different methodologies in brief, requirements traceability and change management among other topics. The best practices, pitfalls, and metrics used for efficient software requirements management are also covered. Intended for the professional market, including software engineers, programmers, designers and researchers, this book is also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science or engineering courses as a textbook or reference.


10.1007/978-1-4614-5377-2 doi

Computer science.
Computer software--Reusability.
Computer system failures.
Computer programming.
Software engineering.
Operating systems (Computers).
Computer Science.
Software Engineering.
Engineering, general.
System Performance and Evaluation.
Performance and Reliability.
Operating Systems.
Programming Techniques.