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Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing

Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing 13th International Conference, ICA3PP 2013, Vietri sul Mare, Italy, December 18-20, 2013, Proceedings, Part II / [electronic resource] : edited by Rocco Aversa, Joanna Kołodziej, Jun Zhang, Flora Amato, Giancarlo Fortino. - XXX, 313 p. 108 illus. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8286 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8286 .

Clustering and change detection of multiple streaming time series -- Layer-based Scheduling of Parallel Tasks for Heterogeneous Cluster Platforms -- Deadline-Constrained Workflow Scheduling in Volunteer Computing Systems -- Is Sensor Deployment using Gaussian Distribution Energy Balanced -- Shedder: a Metadata Sharing Management Method across Multi-Clusters -- PDB: A Reliability-Driven Data Reconstruction Strategy Based on Popular Data Backup for RAID4 SSD Arrays -- Load and Thermal-aware VM Scheduling on the Cloud -- Optimistic Concurrency Control for Energy Efficiency in the Wireless Environment -- Pastry Grid CP: A Decentralized Rollback-Recovery Protocol for Desktop Grid Systems -- Improving Continuation-Powered Method-Level Speculation for JVM Applications -- Unimodular loop transformations with source-to-source translation for GPUs -- HMHS: Hybrid Multistage Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous MapReduce System -- Candidate set parallelization strategies for Ant Colony Optimization on the GPU -- Synchronization-Reducing Variants of the Biconjugate Gradient and the Quasi-Minimal Residual Methods -- Hardware-assisted Intrusion Detection by Preserving Reference Information Integrity.

This two volume set LNCS 8285 and 8286 constitutes the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing , ICA3PP 2013, held in Vietri sul Mare, Italy in December 2013. The first volume contains 10 distinguished and 31 regular papers selected from 90 submissions and covering topics such as big data, multi-core programming and software tools, distributed scheduling and load balancing, high-performance scientific computing, parallel algorithms, parallel architectures, scalable and distributed databases, dependability in distributed and parallel systems, wireless and mobile computing. The second volume consists of four sections including 35 papers from one symposium and three workshops held in conjunction with ICA3PP 2013 main conference. These are 13 papers from the 2013 International Symposium on Advances of Distributed and Parallel Computing (ADPC 2013), 5 papers of the International Workshop on Big Data Computing (BDC 2013), 10 papers of the International Workshop on Trusted Information in Big Data (TIBiDa 2013) as well as 7 papers belonging to Workshop on Cloud-assisted Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (C-SmartCPS 2013).


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