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Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning

Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning 12th International Conference, LPNMR 2013, Corunna, Spain, September 15-19, 2013. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Pedro Cabalar, Tran Cao Son. - XVIII, 570 p. 70 illus. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8148 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8148 .

Towards Reactive Multi-Context Systems -- Logic Programming in the 1970s -- Integrating Temporal Extensions of Answer Set Programming -- Forgetting under the Well-Founded Semantics -- The Fourth Answer Set Programming Competition: Preliminary Report -- WASP: A native ASP solver based on constraint learning -- The Complexity Boundary of Answer Set Programming with Generalized Atoms under the FLP Semantics -- ARVis: Visualizing Relations between Answer Sets -- Symbolic System Synthesis Using Answer Set Programming -- Accurate Computation of Sensitizable Paths using Answer Set Programming -- HEX Semantics via Approximation Fixpoint Theory -- Encoding Higher Level Extensions of Petri Nets in ASP -- Cplus2ASP: Computing Action Language C+ in Answer Set Programming -- Towards Answer Set Programming with Sorts -- Prolog and ASP Inference Under One Roof -- Event-Object Reasoning with Curated Knowledge Bases: Deriving Missing Information -- Towards Query Answering in Relational Multi-Context Systems -- Spectra in Abstract Argumentation: An Analysis of Minimal Change -- Normalizing Cardinality Rules using Merging and Sorting Constructions -- Experience Based Nonmonotonic Reasoning -- An ASP application in integrative biology: identification of functional gene units -- Evaluating Reactive Answer Set Solving for General Game Playing -- VCWC: A Versioning Competition Workflow Compiler -- A Sequential Model of Bargaining Reasoning in Logic Programming -- Extending the Metabolic Network of Ectocarpus Siliculosus using Answer Set Programming -- Negation as a Resource: a novel view on Answer Set -- AGM-Style Belief Revision of Logic Programs under Answer Set Semantics -- Efficient Approximation of Well-Founded Justification and -- Well-Founded Domination -- Approximate Epistemic Planning with Postdiction as Answer-Set Programming -- Combining equilibrium logic and dynamic logic -- ActHEX: Implementing HEX Programs with Action -- Debugging Answer-Set Programs with Ouroboros Extending the SeaLion Plugin -- Game Semantics for Non-Monotonic Intensional Logic Programming -- Matchmaking with Answer Set Programming -- Ricochet Robots: A transverse ASP benchmark -- Decidability and implementation of parameterized logic programs -- Non-monotonic Temporal Goals -- On Equivalent Transformations of Infinitary Formulas under the Stable Model Semantics -- An Application of ASP to the Field of Second Language Acquisition -- Turner's Logic of Universal Causation, Propositional Logic, and Logic -- Concrete Results on Abstract Rules -- Linear Logic Programming for Narrative -- Implementing Informal Semantics of ASP -- Implementing Belief Change in the Situation Calculus and an Application -- Debugging non-ground ASP programs with Choice Rules, Cardinality, Constraints and Weight Constraints -- Conflict-based Program Rewriting for Solving Configuration Problems -- Program Updating by Incremental and Answer Subsumption Tabling -- Representation Theorems for Revision of Logic -- Flexible Combinatory Categorial Grammar Parsing using the CYK Algorithm and Answer Set Programming -- Early Recovery in Logic Program Updates -- Preference Handling for Belief-Based Rational Decisions -- Logic-based techniques for data cleaning: an application to the Italian National Healthcare System -- Justifications for Logic Programming -- Belief Change in Nonmonotonic Multi-Context Systems -- On optimal solutions of answer set optimization problems.

This volume contains the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning, LPNMR 2013, held in September 2013 in Corunna, Spain. The 34 revised full papers (22 technical papers, 9 application description, and 3 system descriptions) and 19 short papers (11 technical papers, 3 application descriptions, and 5 system descriptions) presented together with 2 invited talks, were carefully reviewed and selected from 91 submissions. Being a forum for exchanging ideas on declarative logic programming, nonmonotonic reasoning, and knowledge representation, the conference aims to facilitate interactions between those researchers and practitioners interested in the design and implementation of logic-based programming languages and database systems, and those who work in the area of knowledge representation and nonmonotonic reasoning.


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