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In Search of Elegance in the Theory and Practice of Computation

In Search of Elegance in the Theory and Practice of Computation Essays Dedicated to Peter Buneman / [electronic resource] : edited by Val Tannen, Limsoon Wong, Leonid Libkin, Wenfei Fan, Wang-Chiew Tan, Michael Fourman. - XII, 569 p. 121 illus. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8000 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8000 .

Models for Data-Centric Workflows -- Relational Databases and Bell’s Theorem -- High-Level Rules for Integration and Analysis of Data: New Challenges -- A New Framework for Designing Schema Mappings -- User Trust and Judgments in a Curated Database with Explicit Provenance -- An Abstract, Reusable, and Extensible Programming Language Design Architecture -- A Discussion on Pricing Relational Data -- Tractable Reasoning in Description Logics with Functionality Constraints -- Toward a Theory of Self-explaining Computation -- To Show or Not to Show in Workflow Provenance -- Provenance-Directed Chase and Backchase -- Data Quality Problems beyond Consistency and Deduplication -- Hitting Buneman Circles -- Looking at the World Thru Colored Glasses -- Static Analysis and Query Answering for Incomplete Data Trees with Constraints -- Using SQL for Efficient Generation and Querying of Provenance Information -- Bounds and Algorithms for Joins via Fractional Edge Covers -- Incremental Data Fusion Based on Provenance Information -- Provenance for Linked Data -- First-Order Provenance Games -- Querying an Integrated Complex-Object Dataflow Database -- Types, Functional Programming and Atomic Transactions in Hardware Design -- Record Polymorphism: Its Development and Applications -- A Calculus of Chemical Systems -- Schemaless Semistructured Data Revisited - Reinventing Peter Buneman’s Deterministic Semistructured Data Model -- Provenance Propagation in Complex Queries -- Well-Defined NRC Queries Can Be Typed -- Nine Years with Peter Buneman -- Modal Logic for Preference Based on Reasons -- The Dichotomous Intensional Expressive Power of the Nested Relational Calculus with Powerset -- Provenance in a Modifiable Data Set.

This Festschrift volume, published in honour of Peter Buneman, contains contributions written by some of his colleagues, former students, and friends. In celebration of his distinguished career a colloquium was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, 27-29 October, 2013. The articles presented herein belong to some of the many areas of Peter's research interests.


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Computer science.
Programming languages (Electronic computers).
Computer logic.
Database management.
Computer Science.
Database Management.
Programming Languages, Compilers, Interpreters.
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